ECC Links Page

On this page is a list of interesting links and sites you might find interesting to browse through or use to help you with projects or research.
An interesting look at how online browsing might be if we never clicked to do anything. Worth a look for anyone interested in control systems or how online interactivity works.
Cuil is a new brand of search engine claiming a wider search base and different indexing system than Google or MSN. Works well and offers relevant answers.
An interesting search engine that creates a custom guide on your search term, including images, blogs, videos, etc. It is very exhaustive and conveniently organizes your information.
A new kind of computational engine, this site should launch in May. When it does, it should be able to take a question asked and compute an answer. The questions it answers appear to be computational in nature, but try and see what it can do.
This useful site features live flight tracking all over the country and has a great deal of information on local and major airports. It is free to use.
This website provides live streaming video from traffic cameras all over the country and is easily accessible in a variety of ways.

Spitzer Space Telescope
Check this out for pictures and news about the Spitzer Space Telescope, one of NASA's great space projects. New stories are still ongoing.
Project Euler is a site that challenges users to complete programming projects based on mathematical and scientific projects. Try it out and see how many you can do! Note that good programming skills are more important than math.

Project Resources
A search engine for open source code. It searches the web for the code you request and returns code blocks or projects which use it. Since it is open source, no legal worries for using someone else's code as reference.

Free Math Programs
Article of many of the best free math programs available on the web for students and research.

Open Source Graphic Programs
Article which contains links and information on many open source (and often free) graphic design programs, for both PCs. laptops, and tablets.
Project Kenai is Sun System's open developer site where developers host projects and discuss projects. It includes forums and project and people listings.
w3schools is an excellent reference for anyone wishing to learn Flash, HTML, JavaScript, or almost any other web development language. It is a tutorial website with simple explanations and plentiful try-it-yourself examples that are free to use.

Essential Unix/Linux Command Sheets
Junauza is a great resource site for Unix newcomers. It points to 10 sites that act as tutorials and cheat sheets and may provide useful information to scripters and shell users.
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