Please do not prop lab doors open! This is for your own benefit and safety.
Computer Lab Security

Surveillance Video Policy (4/23/2001)

Lost or possibly stolen items: All other means of recovery must be attempted before video review will be considered. The reason for this is because it is a waste of ECC's resources when the item could be located via other means. Example (4/20/2001) Students working on project thought they had left a zip disk in a drive in NI1072. They begged us to look at the tapes. They returned half an hour after we started looking at the tapes saying that one of their group members had it all along.

Card Readers

Access to the Engineering Buildings (Palmer Hall, Nitschke Hall, and North Engineering) and to the ECC labs is controlled by card readers which accept the UT Rocket card. The Rocket card provides access for all students registered in The University of Toledo College of Engineering, as well as faculty and staff. All access questions, problem reports, and service requests should be directed to the campus card office. Engineering College Computing does NOT control the card readers.