A user's print quota is only updated for print jobs which complete successfully.
Deleting Items from the Print Queue


One method is to take the printer off-line before your job reaches the head of the queue and announce your intentions to everyone in the room. Ask a consultant in NI1013 to clean the queue for the particular room you are in. The consultant will verify you still have jobs in the appropriate queue, accompany you back to the lab, announce his intentions (so that everyone who may have submitted a job will know they will have to resubmit), clean the queue, and let everyone in the lab know they can submit their jobs again.

The following method is better because it does not inconvenience other users or depend on their compliance. If a user is logged off when a print job reaches the front of the queue, that job will be canceled and an e-mail will be sent to the user. So just save all your data, log off, and log back on.


Find your print job number using either the lpstat command (see the man page) or http://www.eng.utoledo.edu/cgi-bin/printer_status (example: lj1022-111). Before the job reaches the head of the queue, use the cancel command (see the man page) on the machine from which the job was submitted to remove it from the queue (example: `cancel lj1022-111`). Jobs submitted from Unix machines are NOT automatically canceled if you are not logged in when they reach the head of the queue.