ECC New Hire Instructions

ECC New Hire Instructions

  • Please complete the following forms online.
  • Before starting you should know: Rate of Pay, Hours per Week, Start Date, and Job Title.
  • Adobe reader must be used to ensure forms are loaded and will save correctly.
  • Save a soft copy of all forms.
  • Print them off double sided.
  • Sign them.
  • Submit them to Secretary (NI 1013) who will then take them to the Director of ECC (Greg) for his signature.
  • After obtaining the signature make a copy of the forms and place them in the file for the current semester and year (e.g. Spring 2014) in the top drawer of the supply cabinet in NI 1010. If the file doesn't exist make it.
  • Make a second copy of the forms to give back to the employee.
  • Make a copy of the students "acceptable form of identification". Only one copy is needed and is included with the original documents.
  • The originals should be taken to Emily Lewandowski ,Executive Secretary, Dean's Office, NI 5012, PH: (419) 530-8000 (Ask Emily how long before the account will be active.)
  • After an employee is hired an email specifying the employee's engineering account username, the position for which he/she is being hired should be sent to Greg & Jeremy so that required permissions will be granted for the employee.

  • Note: For the purposes of student employment a full-time student is a student taking 6 credit hours or more. This is true for student working over the summer as well.

For full-time students (≥ 12 credit hours):

For New Student Employees:
Fill the forms 1 to 7 online and take the Director of ECC's (Greg) signature on 2,4,5.
1. Personal Information Form (PIF)
2. Employment Eligibility Verification (I-9)

  • Fill-out Section 1 online. Print entire document.
  • Please have available an acceptable form of identification (from the last page of the I-9) and obtain your employer's signature.
  • International students will need their I-94 information, which is avaiable at
3. State Tax Form usually OHIO IT4 or Michigan MI-W4
4. OPERS (Ohio Public Employees Retirement System) Exemption as a Student
  • Employee ID# is your Rocket# (e.g. R01234567)
5. Student Employment Personnel Action (SEPA)
  • End Date should be the last day of exams of Spring semester.
6. Authorization To Release Information

7. Acknowledgement of receipt of Auditor of State fraud reporting system information

Online myUT Portal - Not available until employment process is complete.

International Students

For part-time students, including summer students with no classes (< 6 credit hours): (Fill in addition to all forms above):

Fill the forms 8 and 9 online and take the Director of ECC's (Greg) signature on 8.
8. OPERS (Ohio Public Employees Retirement System) Personal History Record
  • Fill-out Page 1 only. Print whole document.
  • Rocket email may be too long to use as email address for this form.

  • 9. Statement Concerning Your Employment in a Job Not Covered by Social Security (SSA-1945)
  • Employee ID# is your Rocket# (e.g. R01234567)

  • Information for new hires:

  • Time Cards
  • W-2 Self Service Instructions
  • ECC FAQ's

  • References:

    New Hire Forms (