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Information for courses in Electrical Engineering Technology

For youtube video series to follow the Hybrid Text and Lab Text, google 'youtube wm_t evans plc' or use video link below

Hybrid Text Ch. 1
Hybrid Text Ch. 2
Hybrid Text Ch. 3
Hybrid Text Ch. 4
Hybrid Text Ch. 5
Hybrid Text Ch. 6
Hybrid Text Ch. 7
Hybrid Text Ch. 8
Hybrid Text Ch. 9
Hybrid Text Ch. 10
Hybrid Text Ch. 11
Hybrid Text Ch. 12
Hybrid Text Ch. 13
Hybrid Text Ch. 14
Hybrid Text Ch. 15
Hybrid Text Ch. 16
Hybrid Text Ch. 17
Hybrid Text Ch. 18
Hybrid Text Ch. 19
Hybrid Text Ch. 20
Hybrid Text Ch. 21

Siemens Easy Book
Siemens Scale Interface
Siemens RFID Project
Complete Siemens Step 7 V14
Allen-Bradley Studio 5000
Siemens School Nov 8, 2017
New Alllen Bradley HMI Manual
Siemens Safety Manual
Siemens Safety Reference Manual

Introduction to Hybrid Lab Text
Hybrid Lab Ch. 1
Hybrid Lab Ch. 2
Hybrid Lab Ch. 3
Hybrid Lab Ch. 4
Hybrid Lab Ch. 5
Hybrid Lab Ch. 6
Hybrid Lab Ch. 7
Hybrid Lab Ch. 8
Hybrid Lab Ch. 9
Hybrid Lab Ch. 10
Hybrid Lab Ch. 11
Hybrid Lab Ch. 12
Hybrid Lab Ch. 13
Hybrid Lab Ch. 14
Hybrid Lab Ch. 15
Hybrid Lab Ch. 16
Hybrid Lab Ch. 17
Hybrid Lab Ch. 18
Hybrid Lab Ch. 19
Hybrid Lab Ch. 20
Hybrid Lab Ch. 21
Hybrid Lab Ch. 22
Hybrid Lab Ch. 23
Hybrid Lab Ch. 24
Hybrid Lab Ch. 25
Hybrid Lab Ch. 26
Hybrid Lab Ch. 27
Hybrid Lab Ch. 28

Generic Syllabus
Covid Syllabus

Information for EET 1010 - DC Circuits
Syllabus for EET 1010
Lab Report Format for EET 1010
DC Electrical Circuit Analysis
DC Electrical Circuits - Davis
DC Lab Manual

Information for EET 1020 - AC Circuits
Syllabus for EET 1020
AC Electrical Circuit Analysis
AC Electrical Circuits - Davis
AC Lab Manual
Lab Report Format for EET 1020
Bode Plot Tutorial
Second Bode Plot Tutorial
Sample Semi-Log Paper

Information for EET 2410 - Mechatronics I
Syllabus for EET 2410
HLC Syllabus for EET 2410
Check-off Sheet for labs
Lab Handout for EET 2410
Old EET 2410 Tests

Information for EECS 4220 - Programmable Logic Controllers
Syllabus for EECS 4220
Check-off Sheet for labs
Lab Handout for EECS 4220
Prior EECS 4220 Mid-Term Tests

Information for EET 4450 - Automatic Controls
Syllabus for EET 4450
Lab 1
Lab 2
Lab 3
Lab 4
Lab 5
Lab 6
Lab 7
Michigan Simulink - Introduction - Modeling - Lab 8A
Michigan Simulink - Introduction - Control - Lab 8B
Calibration of Pressure Transmitter
P&ID Legend
Flow Tutorial
Laplace Table
Chapters 1-6 and 9 End of Chapter Exercises
Laplace Homework
Laplace Table - Use with Problems
Bode Tutorial
Second Bode Tutorial
Semi-Log Paper

Information for EET 4550 - Mechatronics II
Syllabus for EET 4550
Assignments for EET 4550
Check-off Sheet for labs
Lab Handout for EET 4550

Information for ENGT 3050 - Fundamentals of Electricity
Syllabus for ENGT 3050
HLC Syllabus for ENGT 3050
Lab Manual
Lab Report Format for ENGT 3050
Fundamentals Text Ch 1
Fundamentals Text Ch 2
Fundamentals Text Ch 3
Fundamentals Text Ch 4
Fundamentals Text Ch 5
Fundamentals Text Ch 6
Fundamentals Text Ch 7
Fundamentals Text Ch 8
Fundamentals Text Ch 9
Fundamentals Text Ch 10
Fundamentals Text Ch 11
Fundamentals Text Ch 12

Various Videos and Labs
Chapter 17 Siemens Motion Starter Pgm
Chapter 17 AB Motion Starter Pgm
Ball in Tube Lab for EET 4450
Ball in Tube Lab with Pot Adjust in Manual
Tank over Tank
Siemens Safety Starter Pgm
Siemens Safety Advanced Pgm

Places to Begin Looking for Jobs

Information for Ethics
Link to Ohio Ethics for PE's