The University of Toledo Engineering Council (UTEC)

UTEC Events - Fall 2017

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New Student Convocation Description New Student Convocation Image
Career Fair Crash Course Ten days before the College of Engineering hosted their career expo, UTEC hosted a Career Expo Crash Course with the help of SSOE. The event saw around 70 students attend and lasted for about an hour total. Four professionals from SSOE put on the presentation that start with a brief talk about what SSOE is about. Then the event talked about different ways to talk to engineers from the different companies at the Expo. The SSOE staff also talked about what different paths there are for engineers to take and what someone would do on co-op at these different companies. The event was followed up by some great questions by students about what they can do to stand out when interviewing with companies. Career Fair Crash Course Image
PE/FE Guest Speaker Event This event happened in the middle of the fall semester with the new dean, Dr. Toole and Mr. LD Peirce from Husky Energy leading this event. This event saw a large amount of students there at around 120 students. The two gentlemen first talked about what it means to be a professional engineer and how it has changed them in their careers. Then they talked about the steps to taking the Fundamentals of Engineering test and how to study for it. Mr. Peirce stressed how important it is to take the test before a student forgets all the material. The next topic was when and how to become a Professional Engineer. They talked about how to keep the license up to date and how to get a license in a different state. The event was followed up by questions by the students. PE/FE Guest Speaker Image
Halloweengineering Description Halloweengineering Image