The University of Toledo Engineering Council (UTEC)

Meet Our Executive Board!

Enoch, Jared

Jared Enoch
5th Year, Chemical Engineering and Political Science

Roach, Katherine

Katherine Roach
Executive Vice President
3rd Year, Chemical Engineering

Onyskiw, Christina

Christina Onyskiw
Student Advisor
4th Year, Civil Engineering

Schimmoeller, Adam

Adam Schimmoeller
VP of Corporate Outreach
4th Year, Electrical Engineering

Wlodarz, Austin

Austin Wlodarz
VP of Community Outreach
3rd Year, Mechanical Engineering

Barnes, Stephen

Stephen Barnes
VP of Campus Outreach
4th Year, Bioengineering

Ott, Kristen

Kristen Ott
VP of Event Programming
3rd Year, Bioengineering

Kaeley, Dilpreet

Dilpreet Kaeley
VP of Communications
2nd Year, Bioengineering