Dr. Matthew Liberatore

Department of Chemical Engineering

Teaching with YouTube

You Tube Fridays: Created by Professor Liberatore and his students at the Colorado School of Mines, the first 5 minutes of class on Fridays relate course topics to the real world thru YouTube. The videos later turned into a class project reverse engineering the videos. A series of papers on the YouTube pedagogy are available through links on the Teaching page. A list of videos selected over the years is included here.

  1. YouTube Fridays, Fall 2008 DCGN 210, Thermodynamics

    Fall 2008 DCGN 210 Introduction to Engineering Thermodynamics (thermodynamics related)


    Spring 2009 ChEN 201 Material and Energy Balances (related to chemical engineering)


    Fall 2009 – DCGN 210 Introduction to Engineering Thermodynamics (thermodynamics related, used to make engineering estimate problems)


    Fall 2010 – ChEN 201 Material and Energy Balances(chemical engineering related, material balance related)


    Theromodynamics Fall 2010 Youtube Video


    ChEN 250 Fall 2010 “What Do Chemical Engineers Do?”


    YouTube Fridays, Spring 2011 ChEN 201, Material and Energy Balance


    MEB Spring 2012


    Fall 2013 Introduction to Thermodynamics(CBEN210) - thermodynamics related, used to create homework problems


    Spring 2014 Material and Energy Balances (CBEN201) - related to chemical engineering and material balance problems