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The University of Toledo
American Society of Civil Engineers

The American Society of Civil Engineers is the oldest professional engineering society in the United States. It represents both the Professionals of the Civil Engineering field as well as the Students. As a student, the organization helps build the qualities needed for the field that arenít taught in a classroom, while at the same time being much fun. If youíre currently a civil engineering major at the University of Toledo and would like to join, feel free to print off an application. Application
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UT ASCE Participates in a yearly competition to build a canoe out of concrete. By going to the concrete canoe page, you can view photos and details of our current project, as well as those of past years.

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The concrete canoe is not the only even that UT ASCE participate in, however it is the one that gets the most attention. Other events such as Clean your Streams, job site tours, concrete bowling, and movie nights have all happened in the past. Events/Meetings Calendar

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Click Here or on the picture to be taken to our photo galleries, where you can view photos of years past.

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American Society of Civil Engineers

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