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Mohammad Elahinia, PhD
Associate Professor,
Mechanical Engineering,
Univeristy of Toledo

"Andrew has been working as a graduate research assistant in our lab for the past two years. I have high respect for his work ethics. He generates professional results and pays attention to details. He has made many contributions to the research program in our lab on developing medical devices using nitinol. Andrew is very organized and cares about his colleagues. I highly recommend him for any engineering and/or research position."

"I have known Andrew since fall 2005 when he started his engineering studies at The University of Toledo. Andrew is a hard worker with excellent oral and written communications skills. He served as my teaching assistant for Orientation to Mechanical Engineering in fall 2008 where he demonstrated his excellent leadership skills and served as a fine role model for the incoming freshman class. Andrew also held the position of Ingersoll-Rand Coordinator for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) student section for two years during the time in which I was faculty adviser. This was a very involved and detailed responsibility and Andrew handled it very well. In his position as a member of the student section executive committee of ASME, Andrew again displayed his leadership and ability to apply himself in a team-oriented atmosphere. I highly recommend Andrew for anyone seeking a highly motivated employee who is a pleasure to work with and will always put forth his best effort."

Steven Kramer, PhD, PE
Director of Undergraduate Studies,
Mechanical Engineering,
University of Toledo

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