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           I graduated 17th in a class of nearly 400 from Bowling Green High School in 2005. Having a strong proficiency in mathematics and science, I chose to pursue a degree in the field of engineering. In August of 2005, I began my collegiate studies at The University of Toledo (UT) where I studied mechanical engineering. Throughout my undergraduate career, I was active in multiple student organizations including Tau Beta Pi engineering honors fraternity and The University of Toledo student chapter of The American Society of Mechanical Engineers. In my required cooperational work experiences while studying at UT, I worked at Rolled Alloys, an international supplier of specialty stainless steel and nickel alloys. My job included performing failure analysis and alloy research in a laboratory setting. In December of 2009, I graduated magna cum laude from UT with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and a minor in business administration. Starting in 2010, I began work towards a master's degree in mechanical engineering at UT. I am currently studying under Dr. Mohammad Elahinia in the Dynamic and Smart Systems Laboratory. To learn more about my research at Rolled Alloys and in the Dynamic and Smart Systems Lab, please visit the Research page.

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