Government Agencies


This Web Page contains information about government agencies in the state of Ohio involved in Applied Research in the field of Air Quality

        Ohio Air Quality Development Authority

        Ohio Department of Agriculture


        Ohio Department of Development

        Ohio Department of Health

        Department of Natural Resources

       Ohio Environmental Protection Agency  

        Lake Erie Commission 

        Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission

        Public Works Commission

        Utility Radiological Safety Board






In 1990,an estimated 43 percent of all air pollution could be traced to mobile sources such as  automobiles, buses, and trucks


More than 10,700,000 motor vehicles are registered for use in Ohio

Two percent of Ohioans use public transportation to get to work

The President's Council on Environmental Quality identifies ozone as "the most pervasive air quality problem" in the country


In 1991, Ohio ranked third in the nation for the amount of energy we consume