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Battelle’s Environmental Technology Commercialization Center






The Environmental Technology Commercialization Center (ETC2) is a U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) technology transfer center managed by Battelle. The center was established in 1998 in Cleveland, OH, to enhance the ability of the EPA in reaching private companies to provide cutting-edge environmental technologies that are developed at EPA laboratory facilities for private sector implementation and use. ETC2’s mission is two-fold: to help businesses bring about improvements in human health and the environment by utilizing EPA technologies, and to facilitate solutions to industry problems through access to EPA’s expertise, resources and intellectual property.

Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA’s) with EPA’s network of researchers and facilities, and Licensing Agreements with EPA, are the two primary mechanisms through which ETC2 provides access to innovative technologies within the EPA’s Office of Research and Development.

ETC2 provides access to cutting edge technologies developed at the EPA’s National Risk Management Research Laboratory, National Health and Environmental Effects Research Laboratory and the National Vehicle Fuel Emissions Laboratory.

ETC2’s website,, provides a window into the world of EPA-developed technologies and their potential applications in the market place.  To learn more specifically about ETC2 facilitated Air Pollution CRADA’s please click here and for Licenses please click here.  




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