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Christian Spanu is a Senior Research Associate  since September 2000 and the Chief Engineer of Precision Micro-Machining Center (PMMC) at The University of Toledo.  He received  his M.S. degree  in Industrial Engineering in 2000  from the College of Engineering at University of Toledo.  He also has a Masters Degree in Manufacturing Engineering received in 1989 from the Technical University of Iasi, Romania.  After 1989 graduation, he worked as a Designing Engineer in the Prototypes Department of the Special Tools and Accessories Plant in Pascani, Romania. Since September 1990 he joined the Machine Manufacturing Engineering Department at the Technical University of Iasi acting as Assistant Professor.

In January 1999 he joined the MIME Department working as a Research Assistant for Dr. Mohamed Samir Hefzy in the Biomechanics Laboratory.  He performed research in deep knee flexion using force plates, motion analysis system and digitizer system. He graduated in December 2000 with a dissertation entitled "Determination of the Knee Joint Internal Loads During Deep Squat".   Since then, he was researching in advanced machining of ceramics and ELID assisted abrasion of brittle materials. In December 2003 he defended his doctoral dissertation entitled "Electrolytic In Process Dressin (ELID) Applied to Double Sided Grinding of Ceramic Materials".

His selected list of published papers contains 50+ titles.  He attended several international conferences and symposia.  In 2001 he was awarded "Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering Department Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award".


His research interests within PMMC are focused on studying fine grinding operations of ceramic materials, optimization of machining  fluids and cooling strategiexs for abrasive processes.   He  is also involved in implementing Electrolytic-In-Process-Dressing (ELID) technique to abrasive processes.


He is the WebMaster of the entire PMMC Web Page application.

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