The on going PMMC projects are listed below:

Project Title


PMMC#1701 - Study of Stone-Ring Contact in Superfinishing of Bearing Rings

Gabriel Dontu

PMMC#1702 - OD Single Roll Burnishing of Automotive Parts

Sorin Neagu-Ventzel

PMMC#1703 - Mono versus Polycrystalline Diamond Lapping

Mariana Pruteanu

PMMC#1704 - AE Monitoring of Lapping Process

Mariana Pruteanu

PMMC#1705 - Nano Polishing of Electronic Components

Joel Ramirez-Salas

PMMC#1706 - Grinding of Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD)

Radu Coman

PMMC#1707 - High Efficiency Belt Centerless Grinding of Alumina and Hardened Tool Steel

Danyu Wu

PMMC#1708 - AE in Grinding of Ceramics

Radu Coman

PMMC#1709 - ELID Polishing of Sapphire

Joel Ramirez-Salas

PMMC#1710 - Study of PCD Compressive Stress

Sorin Neagu-Ventzel

PMMC#1711 - ELID Grinding of Brittle Materials

Sunil Varia

PMMC#1712 - Optimization of Grinding Process using Multi-Attribute Utility Theory


PMMC#1713 - Diamond Turning of Pistons

Radu Babiceanu

PMMC#1714 - Hard Turning of Crankshafts

S.Gandhe & H. Phandis

PMMC#1715 - Hard Turning of Automotive Components

Ryan Cutinho

PMMC#1716 - Single Point Burnishing of Hardened Steel

Liviu Luca

PMMC#1717 - Optimization of High Speed Grinding with CBN Wheels

Radu Coman

PMMC#1718 - Optimization of Cutting Fluids for Grinding and Burnishing

Christian Spanu

PMMC#1719 - Magnetic Abrasive Machining

B. Caudhari

PMMC#1720 - ELID Honing of Brittle and Hard Materials

P. Bhat

PMMC#1721 - Metal Injection Molding

S. Jogi

PMMC#1722 - Interrupted Hard Turning of Automotive Steels

Radu Pavel

PMMC#1723 - Grinding with Lapping Kinematics

Y. Gurjar


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