Engineering College Computing supports and maintains open and general instructional computer laboratories for the College of Engineering at The University of Toledo.

The ECC Help Desk is located in NI 1013

Lost and found has moved to NI 1040

Winter weather policy details delay and class suspension procedures

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Everything you need to know about your engineering account: new accounts, policies, quotas, passwords, your files, e-mail, web sites, usage.

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Everything about ECC and the many reasons and ways to contact us. Request forms and check the hours of operation.

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The rooms and computer labs we maintain, and all hardware within. Computer Labs - Computers, Printers, Security (Surveillance Cameras, Card Readers).

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Availability and reservation of: computer labs,
  Nitschke Auditorium, Seminar Room,
  Distance Learning Labs

The specifics on what software we support and how to use it all. Operating Systems. UNIX and Windows software and commands. Software locations. Tutorials and help. The p: drive and software available to home users.
The University of Toledo is now making Office 365 available for all students. More information can be found here:

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Information on the student organizations in the College of Engineering, including contact information for the organization and advisor.

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Travel information guide - some quick references.
Summer 2016 Rocket Launch Information: CLICK HERE

Current News

Fall 2016

Due to construction in Nitschke Hall, ECC student lab printing will be down from 7:00A.M. until approximately 10:00A.M.

The lab computers in PL2650, NE1002, NE1047, and NI1072 have been upgraded to Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

We have a new portal site for College of Engineering Virtual Labs. Check it out:

All Virtual Lab information for the college will be added to this site in the future.

The computers in Palmer Hall 2020 and 2030 have been upgraded to Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

The projector switches in the NE instructional computer labs have been re-labeled for easier use.

MySQL Workbench 6.3 CE has been installed in the NE1320 lab.

SAP 2000 has been updated to version 18 in the ECC Computer Labs.

The Nitschke Auditorium display controls have been updated with a new, easier to use interface.

First day of classes. Welcome and good luck!

The Palmer Hall 2030 CoE Student Computer Lab has been remodeled and upgraded with new computers featuring updated hardware and fast solid state hard drives.

The CoE Student Computer Labs in Palmer 2030 and 2650 now run Microsoft Windows 10.

The SSOE Seminar Room display equipment has been upgraded and now features a new laser projector and a new control interface.

The Nitschke Auditorium display equipment has been upgraded and now features a new laser projector and a new control interface.

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