Engineering College Computing supports and maintains open and general instructional computer laboratories for the College of Engineering at The University of Toledo.

The ECC Help Desk is located in NI 1013

Winter weather policy details delay and class suspension procedures

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Everything you need to know about your engineering account: new accounts, policies, quotas, passwords, your files, e-mail, web sites, usage.

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Everything about ECC and the many reasons and ways to contact us. Request forms and check the hours of operation.

Computer Labs
The rooms and computer labs we maintain, and all hardware within. Computer Labs - Computers, Printers, Security (Surveillance Cameras, Card Readers).

Summary of computer lab reservations for the current semester
Availability and reservation of; computer labs,
  Nitschke Auditorium, Seminar Room,
  Distance Learning Labs

The specifics on what software we support and how to use it all. Operating Systems. UNIX and Windows software and commands. Software locations. Tutorials and help. The p: drive and software available to home users.
The University of Toledo is now making Office 365 available for all students. More information can be found here:

Student Organizations
Information on the student organizations in the College of Engineering, including contact information for the organization and advisor.

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Travel information guide - some quick references.

Current News

Summer 2015
07/21/2015: The following computer labs are being painted and will be closed until Friday, 7/24: NE1026, NE1039, and NE1047.

06/03/2015: The following computer labs have been upgraded with new Dell workstations: NE1002, NI1013, NI1072. PL2020 and PL2030 will be closed on June 9th, 2015.

06/08/2015: PL2020 maintenance will begin at 2AM on 6/9/15.

06/10/15: NE1300 maintenance will begin at 2AM on Monday, 6/15/15.

Summer 2014
07/08/2014: The email forwarding procedure has changed. All email forwards are now changed through our website.

05/06/2014: The following labs are closed for the summer semester due to maintenance: PL 2010, PL 2020, PL 2030, NE 1039, NE 1047, NE 1300, NE 1320.

05/06/2014: The following labs are open during the summer semester: NI 1072, NE 1002, NE 1026, NE 1360.

More details here.

Summer 2013
05/06/2013: Print quota increased from 1000 units per term to 2000 units per term. Accumulation of up to 2 terms worth of print quota remains in effect.

05/06/2013: The print quota charged for 1 side of 1 page of printing on the color laser printers has been reduced from 3 print quota units to 2 print quota units. 1 print quota unit is equivalent to 1 side of a monochrome (black & white) printed page.


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