ABET Accreditation

ABET currently accredits 3367 programs at 684 colleges and universities in 24 nations. All of the engineering programs and all of the engineering technology programs at the University of Toledo, as well as the Information Technology program, are ABET-accredited. For programs to maintain their accreditation, an ABET team composed of volunteers from other universities and industry visits the programs every six years, and sometimes more often. This evaluation is an exhaustive and comprehensive process. During the visit the team examines a program’s curriculum, admission processes, graduation checkout processes, assessment processes, and samples of student work. Programs must demonstrate achievement of their stated objectives and outcomes. During the visit, the team interviews people at all levels, from students all the way through the president of the university. All baccalaureate degree programs in the College of Engineering (6 engineering, 5 engineering technology, and information technology majors) will be visited next time in fall 2017.

Going through the accreditation process is a lot of work for the university and the programs being evaluated, as well as the visiting team. But the effort is worth it because it allows a program and the students in the program to be confident in the quality of the program and ensures that the quality is continuously assessed and improved.

For more information on ABET and the accreditation process,
see http://www.abet.org.

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