Dr. Jiwan D. Gupta, P.E.


Department of Civil Engineering
The University of Toledo
2801 W. Bancroft Street
Toledo, Ohio 43606-3390
Phone: (419)530-8120/8110
E-mail: jgupta@uoft02.utoledo.edu

CIVE 2210: Construction Materials Lab Dr. Gupta

Research Interest

Dr. Gupta concentrates his research efforts in the area of transportation engineering and Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). His recent accomplishments include the development of a non-linear optimization process and design of rumble strips for their effectiveness. His present research of potential precipitate of highway subbase aggregates contributes to the specifications of steel slags. Other current research involves economical uses of waste materials, advance traffic control and management. Among his other interests are optimization of transportation systems and the applications of personal computers in transportation engineering. Dr. Gupta also works in the area of urban planning.


Ph.D. (Transportation Engineering) - University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada,1978
P.G. Dip (Town Planning) - School of Planning and Architecture, NewDelhi, India, 1968
B.E. (Hons.) Civil Engineering - University of Jabalpur, India, 1966


Professor of Civil Engineering, September, 1993 - tenured
Associate Professor of Civil Engineering, September, 1985 - tenured
Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering, December, 1980

Related Experience - Teaching and Industrial
bullet Visiting Professor - deliver series of lectures on Engineering Educationand Transportation Engineering at various engineering colleges in India.July - Sept. 1987, Dec. 1988, Dec. 1991
bullet Teaching Assistant at the University of Waterloo, 1974-1978
bullet Convener and Lecturer at Special Traffic Engineering and TransportationPlanning Course at the Central Road Research Institute, 1969-1974
bullet Lecturer for Senior Highway Engineer Course at the Central Road ResearchInstitute, New Delhi, 1971-1974
bullet Adjunct Lecturer for the Refresher Courses at the Engineering College Bikaner,1972
bullet Adjunct Lecturer for the Refresher Courses at the Punjab University, Chandigarh,1973
bullet Transportation Engineer, Montgomery-Greene County, Transportation CoordinatingCommittee, Dayton, Ohio, June 1979 - December 1980
bullet Senior Civil Engineer, HSC Engineering Corporation, Baltimore, Maryland,March 1979 June 1979
bullet Senior Scientific Officer, Central Road Research Institute, New Delhi,India, April 1969 - February 1979
bullet Senior Infrastructure Planner, School of Planning and Architecture, NewDelhi, India, August 1968 - March 1969
bullet Project Engineer Trainee, Obra Dam Project, Obra, India, Summer 1964, 1965
bullet Junior Engineer, Government of Madhya-Pradesh, Building and Roads Department,July 1960 - August 1962


bullet Consultant to the following state governments and government organizationson Traffic Engineering and Transportation Problems, from 1979 to date
bullet N.E. Corridor High Speed Rail System
bullet Local Area Attorneys on Traffic - accident - reconstruction
bullet Bikeway Plan Study for the City of Oregon
bullet Traffic Circulation and Zoning Study for Conrail
bullet Traffic Circulation study for Owens-Illinois Seagate Center World Headquarters
bullet Consultant to local consulting firm, R. E. Twining and Associates, on variousaspects of construction management, land developing, traffic signal designand storm water drainage design
bullet Accident analysis and expert witness in various court cases
bullet Transportation for Elderly and Need of Houses for Elderly Population
bullet Pavement Evaluation of Frenchtown Charter Township, Monroe County, MI
bullet Ambassador Bridge cargo inspection facility redesign, Detroit, MI
bullet Taco Bell Location Study - Toledo, OH

State in which registered


Selected publications
bullet Gupta, J. D., and Kneller, W. A., Tamirisa, R., and Skrzypczak-Jankun,E., "Characterization of Base and Subbase Iron and Steel Slag AggregatesCausing Deposition of Calcareous Tufa in Drains", Transportation ResearchRecord #1434, Washington D.C. 1994.
bullet Kneller W. A., Gupta, J. D., Borkowski, M. L., and Dollimore D., "Determinationof Original Free Lime Content of Weathered Iron and Steel Slags by ThermogravimetricAnalysis", Transportation Research Record #1434, Washington D.C. 1994.
bullet Gupta, J. D. and Bihn, L. W., "Snapshot Analysis of Urban Traffic CongestionUsing GIS", Institute of Transportation Engineers, pp. 357-361, Sept.1993.
bullet Gupta, J. D., and Kothari, A., "Measure of Effectiveness of Rumble Strips",TRB Journal, September 1992.
bullet Gupta, J. D., "Automated Vehicle Speed Profile Data Collection System",proceedings of the VII Pan American Congress, Caracas, Venezuela, September1992.
bullet Gupta, J. D., "Non-Motorized Urban Transportation for Emerging Cities inIndia", Transportation Research Record #1372, 1992.
bullet Gupta, J. D., "Effect of Rumble Strips Noise on User and Environment",proceeding of the Inter-noise Conference, The Costs of Noise, pp. 811-814,Sydney, Australia, Dec. 1991.
bullet "Refinement of Traffic Forecasts: Practitioners and Procedure", Gupta,J. D. etc., member ITE 6F-34 Technical Council Committee, ITE Journal,Feb. 1990.
bullet De Corla Souza and Gupta, J. D., "Evaluation of Demand Management Strategiesfor Toledo's Year 2010 Transportation Plan", Transportation Research Record,1209, Feb. 1990.
bullet Gupta, J. D. and De Corla-Souza, P., "An Evaluation of Demand ManagementStrategies for Toledo's 2010 Transportation Plan", presented at the 68thAnnual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, Jan. 1989.
bullet Gupta, J. D. and Bdeiri I., "Application of QRS-II for the Maumee RiverCrossing Corridor", presented at the Second Conference on Application ofTransportation Planning Methods, Conference Proceedings, Orlando, FL, April1989.
Other Professional Journal Articles and Conference Papers
bullet Chen, J., and Gupta, J. D., "Fuzzy Logic Model for Automated Decision Makingof Pavement Maintenance Management", paper presented at the Second ASCECongress for Computing in Civil Engineering, Atlanta, GA, June 1995.
bullet Gupta, J. D., Kneller, W. A., and Tamirisa, R., "Characterization of SubbaseMaterials which cause TUFA Deposition in Highway Subdrains and Catch Basins",paper submitted for presentation at the 101st Ohio Academy of Science AnnualMeeting, Akron, OH, May 1992.
bullet Gupta, J. D., "Non-Motorized Urban Transportation for Emerging Cities inIndia", paper presented at the 71st Annual Meeting of TRB, January 1992.
bullet Gupta, J. D. and Kothari, A., "Measure of Effectiveness in Traffic ControlThrough Rumble Strip Installation", paper presented at the Centennial OhioAcademy of Science Annual Meeting, Columbus, OH, April 1991.
bullet Gupta, J. D. and Tamirisa, R., "Parking and Circulation Problems at UniversityCampuses, A Case Study at The University of Toledo Campus", presented atthe 70th Annual Meeting of Transportation Research Board, January 1991.
bullet Gupta, J. D., and Bdeiri, I., "Application of QRS-II for the Maumee RiverCrossing Corridor", presented at the Second Conference on Application ofTransportation Planning Methods, Orlando, FL, April 1989.

Professional Affiliations

bullet Institute of Transportation Engineers (full member, Aug. 1990)
bullet Transportation Research Board
bullet American Society for Civil Engineering, ASCE (full member, Aug., 1992)
bullet American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)
bullet Society of Professional Engineers, State of Ohio
bullet The Ohio Academy of Sciences

Honors and Awards

bullet General Chairman for the 1992 ASEE Annual Conference
bullet Invited by The University of Toledo, President Horton, a select group forluncheon discussion, April, 1990
bullet Transportation Board Representative, appointed by the TRB, 1989 -
bullet Councillar, India Association of Toledo, 1989
bullet President India Association of Toledo, 1988
bullet Building Committee Chairman, Hindu Temple of Toledo, 1984-88
bullet Chaired a subcommittee on Land Use Transportation Planning for the UnderdevelopedCountries at the 63rd Annual Transportation Research Board Meeting, Washington,January 1984
bullet Vice-President, India Associate of Toledo, 1981-1982
bullet Government of Canada, Commonwealth Scholarship, 1974-1978
bullet Government of India Merit Scholarship for Graduate Study, 1966-1968
bullet President Student Chapter of Institute of Engineers, India, 1965-1966
bullet Government of Madhya-Pradesh, Merit Scholarship for Undergraduate Study,1962-1966
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