Additional Radon Sites and Their Contents

URL of the Site
1. Site about the facts on environmental radon.
2. Technical paper discussing the radon exposure of individuals.

Technical paper discussing the radon exposure risk for children
4. An article on "Radon Gas- A Concern For Householders."
5. An article on "Radon and Breast Cancer."
6. An article on "Lung Cancer in Radon- Exposed Miners and Estimation of Risk from Indoor Exposure."
7. An article on "Radon Transport in Fractured Porous Media - 
Experimental Study in Caves."
8. Case study on residential radon and lung cancer in Iowa.
9. Complete chemistry of radon.

Complete physical and chemical properties of radon.
11. General information on radon.
12. General information on radon.
13. General information on radon.
14. General information on radon.
15. General information on radon.
16. General information on radon.
17. Some information on radon.
18. General information on radon, testing methods, contacts, etc.
19. Testing of radon.
20. Site with complete information on the testing of radon, and links to other pages.
21. Site which tells why a house should be tested for radon.

Radon in schools and the importance of testing radon in schools.
23. Information on radon exposure levels and some advice on testing.
24. Information on radon, lists of mitigators, contractors, testers, labs, and downloadble files containing some information on radon.
25. Q & A on radon, health effects, and other information on radon.

Q & A on radon.
27. Q & A on radon health risks.
28. Some myths and facts about radon.
29. "Home Buyer's and Seller's Guide" to radon.
30. Slide presentation on radon.
31. EPA's list of radon measurement device manufacturers.
32. Home page for the manufacturer of E-PERM.
33. Different software to find out the cancer risks of radon.

Site developed by the US EPA with the consultaion of American Medical Association (AMA) informing the American public about the risk posed by indoor radon gas.
35. EPA's map of radon zones.

State contacts with regard to radon.
37. Radon levels in British Columbia.
   38. OR

Web site of Air Chek. They carry out radon testing, produce testing devices, have provided general radon-related information and also links to other interesting radon sites
  39. Site developed by the Delaware city countyand provides information about health education.
  40. Information about Radon Testing Kits

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