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Industrial/ Commercial

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DOE’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Network

AC Doctor

Consortium for Energy Efficiency

Energy Star

Oak Ridge National Laboratory Energy

Ohio Department of Development Office of Energy Efficiency

U.S. Department of Energy’s Home Page

U.S. Energy Information Administration

Alliance to Save Energy

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Consumer Federation of America Foundation

DOE’s Office of Industrial Technologies Best Practices

Energy Ideas

Landscaping for Energy Efficiency

Louisiana’s Department of Natural Resources Energy Efficiency Resource Gateway

Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Renewable Energy Policy Project

Steaming Ahead-Best Practices

DOE’s Consumer Energy Information

Efficiency and Renewable Energy Program Canada’s Natural Resources Office of Energy Efficiency

Everything you need to know about your cars carbon footprint

Process Industry Supplier Registry

Consolidating Your Carbon Footprint

45 Sustainability Resources You Need to Know


Funding Sources/Savings Program


Chamber Energy Connections (go to membership benefits for specific information)

International Institute for Energy Conservation

Ohio Air Quality Development Authority

Ohio Department of Development Energy Loan Fund

Small Business Administration- SBIR Funds

Waste Reduction in Energy Conservation





Green Resources-Several home sustainability and energy efficiency guides (HVAC, Solar, insulation etc)

Home Energy Magazine

Green Home Building

The Energy Outlet

Energy Hawk 

The Home Energy Saver

Energy Conservation Tips and Vendors

U.S. Department of Energy – for homes

Duke Energy

Green Communities

Good Humans

Appliance Help

Sustainable and Green Guide to Realty

Energy Conservation

The Energy Efficient Home: Lighting, Insulation, Fans, Windows and More

Getting Clean by Going Green

Solar Power News & Updates from Renewable Energy World

Energy Efficiency for Homes

Energy Saving Tips

Going Green in Your Home

Solar Energy, A Greener Way to Heat the Home

Home Insulation & Energy Efficiency Guide

Consumer Affairs Solar Energy Guide

Energy-Wasting Appliances