Pollution Prevention Tools

Welcome ! This site provides links to the pollution prevention tools developed by the Air Pollution Research Group at the University of Toledo under the guidance of Ohio Statewide Environmental Network. This site also provides links to some other pollution prevention tools available on the internet

Research TOOLS



Tools developed by the Air Pollution Research Group

GAP (1.0)

MSM (1.1 & 1.2)

ERC (1.0)

LEAN (1.0)

HVAC Checklist (1.0)

Energy Assessment Spreadsheet (1.0)

Hybrid HVAC System Design Tool  (Ver.1.0 )

Building Sustainability Tool (Version 1.0)

Hospital Assessment Tool (Version 1.0)

Database for Green Products (DGP Version 1.0)

Small Business Self Assessment Tool (SBSAT Version 1.0)

Department Specific Hospital Assessment Tool (D-HAT Version 1.0)

Chemical Identification Software (CIS Version 1.0)

Food Assessment Tool (FAT Version 1.0)

Sustainable Hospital Assessment Tool (S-HAT Version 1.0)

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REPORTS (pdf format)


Pollution Prevention Activities in Ohio under PPIS Grant, Oct., 2006 - Jan., 2010

Pollution Prevention Activities in Ohio under PPIS Grant, Oct., 2003 - Jan., 2007

Pollution Prevention Activities in Ohio under PPIS Grant, Oct., 2000 - Jan., 2004

List of Recyclers Report (Version 1.0)

Pollution Prevention Assessments: Case Histories (2000-2003)

2006 Guide to Sustainability and Pollution Prevention Tools

2002 Pollution Prevention Tools Guide - Appendix

1999 Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Data Analysis Report

Synopsis on PBT Chemicals


Energy Assessments for Small and Medium Sized Industries in Ohio

Energy Efficiency Assessment Tools

Hospitals for Healthy Environment (DRAFT)

Cleaner Production- A Move Towards Sustainability

Green Buildings : An Approach towards Pollution Prevention

Environmental Indices

Analysis of 1999 Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Data


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 LINKS to OSEN Publications on Pollution Prevention

Ohio EPA Resource Guide

Fact Sheet: Restaurant Grease... Knowing Your Ohio EPA Regulations  

Fact Sheet: Do You Know Where Your Floor Drains Go?

U.S. EPA: A Guide for Small Businesses

Fact Sheet: Mobile Power Washing and Environmental Regulations

Fact Sheet: Understanding Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Requirements


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