Carbon Monoxide level calculator (based on data from Cincinnati, OH)

This Carbon Monoxide level calculator is formulated based on meteorological and CO data from Cincinnati, Ohio.

Enter the values of Temperature and Wind speed and select the appropriate season to obtain CO concentration.

                   The predicted value of Daily maximum temperature and average daily wind speed may be obtained from the NOAA Web site or from or from you local weather channel.


          Daily Maximum Temperature = 0F

          Average Daily Wind speed  = MPH                      


           Spring (Feb, March, and April)                                           

           Summer (May, June, and July)                                                                 

          Autumn (August, Sept, and Oct)

          Winter (Nov, Dec, and Jan)                                                                                Air Quality Index Chart

          CO Concentration = PPM   

 Check with the AQI Chart to obtain the AQI for the predicted Concentration



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